great idea for 2013

I saw this on facebook and cannot find where it originated!

But it would be a great idea, and as a facebook friend suggest you could also have one for things we think are bad, this would be good to look back on and assess, are some things really as bad as we think?


jar 2

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1st blog post for a while…

Well I’ve not posted to my blog in over a month, why? hmm well there’s a few reasons, a lot has been happening. My restlessness has been playing up and that makes it difficult for me to use the laptop sometimes. I’ve also had a lot to deal with in terms of what is happening with our family right now.

Last year my mum was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, she had 1 lung removed and started to recover slowly, she never really got back to being fully recovered and then in October we got the news that the cancer had spread, this time it is on the adrenal gland on one of her kidneys. Things weren’t too bad at first, there were appointments, information to find out and just generally doing what I can to help my mum and dad around the house and keeping together as a family in order to keep my mum happy and comfortable.

We then found out last month (November) that they can’t operate to remove the cancer because the adrenal gland it is attached to has attached itself to a major artery, So instead the only other option is chemotherapy. Were now waiting to find out when this can be started but still have so many questions.

My mum is spending a lot of time sleeping at the moment because of the pain medication she is on, so for the moment my mind isn’t focused on much else at the moment but worrying and doing what I can for my mum.

I will post when I can, but please allow me some space at the same time.

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Photo a Day – Oct12 (on the table)

Well it’s getting that time of year, cold, rainy weather, nights where you just want to curl up in front of the fire and have a hot drink.

My choice is hot chocolate, but it’s not proper without the marshmallows and cocoa powder :D

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Photo a Day – Oct11 (something close up)

Again soo much choice :D, but I love my mouse mat, especially the central picture…

It is a mouse mat I bought with resident cat’s at FFRC

The top is Ada-Jane and beneath her is Bella :)

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Photo a Day – Oct09 (red)

Well my cupboards are finally painted inside and although i had wanted black and white them, i’ve had trouble finding something to use on the shelves!  So instead I have decided to add a bit more colour, in the form of wallpaper…

I love the colours red and black together, my duvet cover is black and red oriental type pattern and this will match it :)

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Photo a Day – Oct08 (angle)

There are angles everywhere! sooo many to choose from so went with the angle of my laptop :)

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Photo a Day – Oct07 (light)

Today’s photo a day was difficult but I managed to get something in the end….

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no post yet today, but please vote…

Our posty doesn’t get here till the afternoon and I’ve not done photo a day for a couple of days so thought I would post something different :)

FFRC relies on donations for food, litter, toy’s and everything else the cat’s need as they get no government funding whatsoever, however they can enter to win funds, they are currently in a contest on TheAnimalRescueSite to win $1,000, this could pay for the above items or even repairs that need doing to the outside building car’s are homed in.

Below is a link for one site they get votes from to win funds, this round they can $1,000, it doesn’t matter what country you’re in you can still vote and vote will be counted and it doesn’t cost you anything but a few seconds of your time.

To vote click here… TheAnimalRescueSite when the page has loaded you need put in the name of the rescue center as  Friends of Felines Rescue Center  and under state click  OH  for Ohio and make sure United States is selected under country.  Once you have done this click on search and it will show you  Friends of Felines Rescue Center (previous grand prize winner, ineligible for top prizes)* and then click on vote, once clicked you’ll be shown a page where you have to enter what is called a captcha code, this is to ensure that people are not cheating and it is a fair contest.

Once you’ve entered the code and clicked vote you’re all done :), there is 1 other thing you can do that again doesn’t cost anything but a few seconds when the next page loads, you will get a pop-up on the page, you can either click any of the links if you wish to (they will open in a new window) or close this pop-up.  Once closed on the page you’ll see a biggish button that say’s Click Here to Give – it’s FREE, if you click on this the website will donate food to other rescues that need it.

And that’s it, you’ve voted for FFRC and also helped donate food to other shelters.  If you know of another rescue shelter that is in the contest then you can vote for them if you wish or you can vote for any other rescue if you choose, if not then it will be much appreciated if you could vote for FFRC.

You can vote and click to donate food once per day, thank you for voting, no matter who you vote for :)

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postcards received 6th October

Today I received 2 postcards :)

One was an angel for a swap I was in…



and the second was from a PostCrossing member from Brazil…

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postcard received from Australia

This was received from the Australia on 5th October 2012 from a member on

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Photo a Day – Oct05 (shadow)

There are lot’s of shadows near me but I found my glasses an interesting one…

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postcard received from Russia

This was received from Russia on 4th October 2012 from a member on

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Photo a Day – Oct04 (what you read)

I am enjoying receiving postcards :), this was received today (4th October)

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Photo a Day – Oct03 (this happened today)

I started college 3 weeks ago and i’m really enjoying it, it’s a bit of trek to and from class though.  I’ve been using my crutches (sticks) but it’s still a bit of a distance for me and last week my legs were really achy and sore.

So I had to make a decision quit the course because of the distance and pain, which I didn’t really want to do! or find a way to make it to class without causing more pain than I already have to go through each day? so I decided i’m NOT quitting!

Instead i’ve had to do what I never thought i’d do and get a wheelchair, most day’s I can get around (although in pain) with my sticks but with the distances I have to walk it’s getting unbearable, my thigh hurts and my knee’s are sore (1 more than the other as usual).

I tested the chair out on the Wednesday when we went out shopping and after a few teething problems decided it was worth the try, unfortunately one of the teething problems wasn’t realised until after i’d done it, i’d had the arms on the chair down and it was making it difficult for me to push the chair because I have short arms, so I decided to put the arms up and back!

I then realised I had done this…

I’d bruised and scratched the skin :(

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Photo a Day – Oct01 (where you stood)

I’m slowly starting to get into feeding the fish daily, we have a little pond with my mum and dad’s fish in and a bigger pond with just my 1 fish in at the moment.  My dad goes to work too early and gets home too late at night now to feed them, so until we get the day’s with lighter evenings it’s now my job to feed all.

I have posted a photo of the big pond before and as I fed the fish in the little pond today, then this is the photo for today…

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Photo a Day – October

Well last month I didn’t do too bad :)

This month i’m hoping to do more but will have to see what happens lol

This is October challenge…

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Photo a Day – Sept30 (you, then)

I’ve recently been scanning in some old family pictures that we have, but there’s so many i’ve probably no got them all in the box I have.


I’m not sure how old I was here, maybe a year??

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Photo a Day – Sept27 (love/hate)

This was kind of difficult because of choosing things.

For love I chose my new mobile phone case I got yesterday…



For hate I chose my crutches, I wish I didn’t have to use them but unfortuantley the arthritis in my legs makes it difficult to walk un-aided so I have to use these most days.


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postcard received from South Africa

This was a handmade postcard received on 24th September 2012 from South Africa from a member on

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Photo a Day – Sept26 (near)

Todays photo of something near :)


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